SmartSound for my




Iothinks is the brain of your speakers

Iothinks is smart, you can teach him your habits and your life style

It’s 8AM on a Monday and I’m drinking my coffee.
Iothinks knows to play something bluesy.

How it works

  • Connect
  • Plug the Iothinks into your sound system using the audio cable.

  • Configure
  • Use the Iothinks app to configure your Iothinks. Now Iothinks is connected to the Wifi.

  • Enjoy
  • Your Iothinks is now streaming music from the cloud. Enjoy your favorite tunes out loud.

Give new life to your speakers !

Iothinks works with all your speaker
3 output connector for the perfect sound.

  • Jack
  • Optical
  • Coaxial

More power for your speaker with IFTTT and Iothinks

If i receive an important email then iothinks notify me
If i receive an important call then iothinks notify me
If the match start then iothinks notify me
If i receive my package then iothinks notify me
If i leave my house then iothinks stop my music

Combine several IFTTT Recipes with Iothinks to create powerful combinations. And create your smartsound with many apps or object in your house.

Explore more possibilities

your music

Streaming Services

With iothinks you can stream many services like spotify, soundcloud, tunein, hype machine or pandora. Just add your account in your application and discover many song. Iothinks synchronise all your playlist and you can share with all people in your house.

Internet radio stations and podcasts

With TuneIn, listen to over 100,000 free pre-loaded local and international radio stations, shows and podcasts streaming from every continent.

Your library
And even your personnal music from your phone, your tablet, pc or mac.

One app for you and all your music


Synchronize the same music


  • Wifi system, No pairing
  • 3 output audio : Jack, Coaxial, Optical
  • 7 streaming services !
  • 3 buttons customizable
  • Multiroom, synchronize the same music

 Iothinks Team

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